Me To You

Tatty Teddy/Me to You cute illustrations, etc for Carte Blanche Greeting Ltd.

Me To You
This is all my own work, various commercial copyrights apply.
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"Me To You" is the flagship brand of Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd. It features a grey teddy bear character with a blue nose called "Tatty Teddy". Successful in print, screen and plush toy formats I provided artwork, concepts and development input for this character IP for just over 9 years. Above is an example of the bear in a style and file format suitable for printing on apparel. Shown below are just a selection from thousands of other examples.
Above: A digital pencils style of illustration to imitate the original natural media artwork. My method later replaced the older workflow in the Studio.
Above: A "Softly Drawn" card artwork. This style of digital artwork imitates painterly illustration closely.
Above: An example of a "Tiny Tatty Teddy" artwork, this one aimed at effective printing on apparel.
Above: Style development iteration sheet for the "Tiny Tatty Teddy" sub-brand.
Above:  Development work for a new style of artwork, one lending itself to vector reproductions.
A sample from the first 32 page commercial children's story book produced by Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, which I story-boarded and illustrated throughout.
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